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There's never been a better time to GO SOLAR, with the 30% Federal Tax Credit EXTENDED and the cost of solar panels at an all-time low. Take control of your ever-increasing electric bill and own your power. #GoSolar

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Off Grid By Design's solar panel installation experts make it easy to go solar. Our solar energy consultation is quick phone call, we discuss your goals, budget and energy usage. We get a look at your roof with satellite imaging. Then we prepare you a customized quote.

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You can be sure Off Grid By Design's solar panels and components are the highest quality at the lowest possible price. From pallets to MW's, made in the USA or imports, we can supply your needs and keep you on budget. We also have Door-to-Door logistics.

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Are you considering installing solar panels on your home? Whether you want to lower your power bill or be self-sustaining, Off Grid By Design can customize a solar energy system to fit your specific goals and budget. Installing solar panels has never been more affordable!


Off Grid By Design, Solar Panel Installation Experts

There's never been a better time to GO SOLAR!

Join the Solar Generation USA Road Trip as we follow the sun across the nation in this informative PSA, seeing first-hand how solar is working for America now and meeting today's solar generation.

Solar Energy Provider

"Our electric bill is only $8 a month for most of the year. The amount we pay is literally just taxes. during the summer we have a bill in the $100 range but that is with running a 20' x 40' in ground pool and also along with air conditioning. The benefit of saving money is only secondary to the fact that I never have to be concerned about losing power. Of course I love to save money on my electric bill."  
-  ​H. Disavinno