Hybrid Solar Energy System

This solar energy system has a main distribution panel(s) and a sub-panel, the main(s) is connected to the utility grid and the sub is connected to a battery bank. It is designed to be self-sustaining  and reduce your power bill.

The hybrid solar energy system is designed to offer the best of both worlds and it is our top selling installed system. This system is designed using a 48V battery bank that is charged by the solar panels. The system powers  the 120V circuits and critical load items. Any excess energy produced, once the batteries are fully charged, feeds back into the utility grid. 

Xantrex 6848 Roof Mount - $29,500 (turnkey installed price)

Off Grid Solar Energy System

This solar energy system is connected to a battery bank and runs completely independent from the utility grid - this system is designed to provide you power when there is no utility grid available.

The off grid solar energy system is is designed by conducting a load calculation of the amperage load from the designated appliances and other items in the home. This calculation will tell us the number of batteries and solar panels needed to meet that amperage load.

Aims 6000W Sine Wave Inverter, 24V System (Well Pump, Refrigerator, 3-4 120V Circuits) - $18,500 (turnkey installed price)

Never Be Without Water Again!

Please call for a free consultation needed to customize an Off Grid System.

*We install solar panels locally on the east coast of the USA.

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Solar Panel Installation*

The costs of solar manufacturing, components, and installation have dropped significantly and will continue to fall. With Deutsche Bank predicting that solar PV will be at grid parity in parts of the U.S. in 2016, #SolarIsNow ready to be installed in most grid-tied areas.

Our grid tied solar panel installations usually take two or three days, ground mounts and hybrids can take a little longer. We obtain all required permits and necessary documentation for net metering with your local utility company. You can rest easy knowing all of our solar energy systems are installed by a licensed electrical contractor and are code compliant.

You can have Solar Panels for your home...

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Solar Energy Provider

Grid Tied Solar Energy System

This solar energy system is connected to the utility grid and is designed to reduce your utility bill.

Below are three of our most popular size Turn Key Installed, grid tie, solar energy systems.

5kW Roof Mount -  $16,250 (turnkey installed price)

This system will produce approximately 6,800 kWh per year

8kW Roof Mount - $26,000 (turnkey installed price

This system will produce approximately 10,900 kWh per year

10kW Roof Mount - $32,500 (turnkey installed price)

This system will produce approximately 13,600 kWh per year