"The team installing the system contacted the neighbors to make them aware of any possible disruptions and no corners were cut on the installation. It was as if we were family. Installation site problems were handled professionally and we were updated continuosly."  
-   ​H. Joel Schmidt, MD

P.O. Box 8899

Richmond, VA 23225

Office: 804-228-2497



Our customers love the solar panels for their home!

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Disavinno - 5kW Hybrid

"Note the comment from the renter who complemented the solar system. Hope it is ok to reference offgridbydesign.com"

Solar Powered Lake Cottage

- S. Tarry, Jr

"Charles Bush, Owner/President was always available for questions and concerns during the installation and he continues to be available and helpful each time we call. Overall, we will say that we can recommend Off Grid By Design without reservation for persons interested in solar power for their home.

- The Laubs

Hale - 8.28kW


"It is our honor and pleasure to recommend Off Grid By Design. This innovative, family-oriented company worked with our organization to bring solar power to the center for Archaeology, Preservation and Education in 2014.
Beyond his company's dedication to energy self-sufficiency and independence, what impressed us most was their commitment to science and education. Charles and hi team do more than sell and install solar panels. They are frequently involved in school programs across Virginia, sharing their passion for understanding the science behind solar power and the benefits it can bring our society." 
-   The Fairfield Foundation, David Brown, Ph.D.

"Our electric bill is only $8 a month for most of the year. The amount we pay is literally just taxes. during the summer we have a bill in the $100 range but that is with running a 20' x 40' in ground pool and also along with air conditioning. The benefit of saving money is only secondary to the fact that I never have to be concerned about losing power. Of course I love to save money on my electric bill."  
-  ​H. Disavinno

Who Are You Putting On Your Roof?

Solar Energy Provider

Tarry - 3kW Off Grid

Fairfield Foundation 4.8kW AC

The Laubs - 5.9kW & 2.6kW

Schmidt - 8.16kW

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"I would like to express my pleasure with the outstanding experience I had with Off Grid By Design in the process of design, installation, and use of my residential solar array system. I found them to be prompt, accurate and courteous at every step in the process. It was a pleasure to do business locally, on time, and within budget while reducing my property's global footprint for the future."

- Walter F. Hale, Jr.